Story of Indeus Life Sciences

Indeus Life Sciences

Our story justifies our tagline “Developing Solutions, Delivering Values”

The Nordic Group started its operations in India in 2005 by setting up the Disphar India Liaison office with just two employees.

Two development projects were entrusted to the India liaison office, which were developed with a third party with complete technical knowhow and support from the Indian team.

One of the formulation developed had a valid formulation patent which was blocking the registration in EU. A stable, bio-equivalent and non-infringing formulation was developed.

Thus we had our first feather in our cap…A formulation developed in a matter of six months from the start of development. This success was our stepping stone towards growth of Indeus.

After this success, the India liaison office with support from Disphar made a proposal to the Board of the Nordic Group BV to set up its own laboratory in Mumbai. The Board agreed readily and soon Indeus was born.

The name Indeus derives meaning from the following expression

“A development laboratory in India which caters to the EU and the US”.

Now, began the search for a suitable site to house the development laboratory.

A beautiful location was finalized in the foothills of Mulund, Mumbai for setting up Office cum development laboratory after scanning around 70 locations throughout Mumbai and its surroundings.

The set up started in the year 2008 and was inaugurated on December 12, 2009.

A journey which began with 12 employees went on with setting up of pilot plant and currently qualified for manufacture of scale-up and process validation batches.

The road to our success continued with our First EU GMP inspection and certification in February 2012.

Followed by marketing authorization for the first product developed And to add on we progressed by starting the commercial manufacturing

That’s not all, over the years a significant amount of intellectual property is generated and some patent applications have been filed in the EU.